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Miami Valley Episcopal Russian Network

MVERN’s Mission is to foster a partnership between St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Sablino, Russia, and the MVERN churches through cultural exchanges of  youth, adult laypersons, and clergy, and through financial and other forms of support.











The Miami Valley Episcopal Russian Network (MVERN) celebrated 20 years in 2016!

View the 30 minute video outlining MVERN accomplishments

A cultural exchange partnership with Fr. Nikolai Aksenov and his parish, St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Sablino, Russia was begun in 1997. Sablino is a small rural community about 30 miles south of St. Petersburg, Russia.

MVERN is comprised of 11 Episcopal and two Orthodox churches in the Miami Valley in southwest Ohio. MVERN traditionally has a three-year rotation of trips: an adult trip to Sablino, a youth trip to Sablino, followed by MVERN bringing several young Russians here.

Our purpose has been to build bridges - both spiritual and personal -  between Episcopal and Orthodox churches .  We also sought to support and strengthen the emerging Russian Orthodox Church after it had endured more than 70 years of persecution during the Soviet Union.

MVERN supports many of Fr. Nikolai’s community outreach projects: enlarging a youth facility and funding learning programs in what is now Sablino's Community Center, newly insulated. The Community Center is a meeting place for public officials and events, a place to have art classes and exhibits and religion classes. In addition the Community Center hosts a children’s summer camp and a year-round soup kitchen.


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