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Miami Valley Episcopal Russian Network

MVERN’s Mission is to foster a partnership between St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Sablino, Russia, and the MVERN churches through cultural exchanges of  youth, adult laypersons, and clergy, and through financial and other forms of support.










MVERN -- What We Do        MVERN Annual Report 2016 is at http://www.mvern.org/MVERN%20Annual%20Report%202016.pdf              

Sablino Community Center

MVERN's recent ongoing funding efforts focus on the Sablino Community Center:

  • enlarging the space with support for two additions
  • enhancing the utility of the physical plant with gas heating and wastewater treatment
  • supporting youth and children's after school programs in art, music, history, dance, and religion
  • continuing stable funding for summer camp activities
  • assuring reliable funding for a soup kitchen ministry, the mainstay of a fragile 'safety net' in Sablino
  • A refrigerator and  freezer were provided by gifts from Christ Church and the Diocese recently funded a large professional oven which will enable the cook to prepare and sell meat pies to raise funds for the Center.

    What We Have Done

    Click here to view a 30 minute video outlining what MVERN has done in 20 years: 1997-2016


St. Alexei the Martyr ChapelSt. Alexei the Martyr Chapel

With financial assistance from the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, a chapel was built in 2003 on the foundation of the sanctuary of the original church in Sablino which was destroyed by the Communists in 1938. Because it is located in the center of Sablino, next to the railroad stop, many people stop here to pray or purchase books or candles. American youth landscaped the chapel during their 2003 and 2005 visits.


Women’s Penal Colony 2 - Sablino  Women’s Penal Colony 2 - Sablino

As chaplain of the largest women’s prison in Russia, Fr. Nikolai developed a sizeable Christian community. Beginning in 1992 he was soon baptizing over 20 women each month. Forty percent of the prisoners now attend church regularly. With financial aid from MVERN, Fr. Nikolai also built a freestanding chapel, the first in a Russian prison. MVERN has donated medical supplies, computers and sewing machines to the prison. This ministry continues today under another chaplain.

Ocean-Going ContainerOcean-Going Container

Although the project took 14 months from start to finish, a 40’ ocean-going container was delivered to Sablino in November 2002. It was  filled with more than $200,000 worth of medical supplies for the Tosno Regional Medical Hospital, computers for the local schools, sewing supplies and coats for the prison, and Christmas gifts for the children at St. Nicholas Church and the orphanages.

Ocean-Going Container



Tosno Regional Medical Hospital

Travelers on many exchanges have carried suitcases filled with medications, medical supplies and equipment for use at this regional hospital.

Nikolskoye Municipal OrphanageNikolskoye Municipal Orphanage

The majority of institutionalized children are "social orphans" who, because they have a living parent, are not eligible for adoption. Russian doctors routinely advise parents to give up children with disabilities, and the government often compels children of the poor, ill, alcoholics, and the imprisoned, into its institutions. MVERN has provided school supplies, clothing, medical supplies, and toys for over 100 children at the Municipal Orphanage in Nikolskoye.

Olga’s School for Developmentally Disabled Children

Olga’s School for Developmentally Disabled Children

Developmentally disabled children receive a basic education from a professional and caring faculty at Olga’s School in Nikolskoye. They also learn the activities of daily living and are taught marketable skills. MVERN has contributed medical and school supplies to the school.

Alcohol & Drug Addiction

The Russian Health Ministry announced recently that Russian children under 15 now drink alcohol almost twice as often as they did five years ago and that the number of schoolchildren using drugs or alcohol has grown from 13% to 56% over the last ten years. In cooperation with an inter-denominational substance abuse program, MVERN has sponsored a series of seminars for area teachers and other professionals, preparing them to provide drug and alcohol education programs in the schools.

Transportation for Fr. Nikolai

MVERN churches have raised the money needed to purchase several used vans and cars for Fr. Nikolai to transport parishioners and the church choir to five worship sites.

Nikolskoye Community Center and Chapel

MVERN provided financial support for the renovation of a donated building in neighboring Nikolskoye as a community center and chapel, which now serves a new congregation.


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